Why Bother Cleaning Your Windows? Why Window Cleaning Really Is Important

Have you ever wondered why you bother cleaning your home's windows? They just get dirty again, so what, besides making them look pretty, is the point? You might be surprised to know that keeping your windows clean does more than just offer up a pretty view. In case you need some motivation to get your windows sparkling, here are some reasons why you should keep your windows clean, and some tips for making the job easier.

Extend the life of your windows

Windows aren't cheap to replace, and unless yours are damaged in some way, or are old and inefficient, you'll probably want to keep your windows in good working order for as long as possible. Keeping the glass in your windows clean is important, because if you neglect to clean them, dirt and debris can scratch the surface of the glass, making it hazy. The longer dirt is left to build up, the harder it is to remove, increasing the likelihood that you'll scratch the glass trying to clean it.

Top tip: Clean your windows every month or two, rather than twice a year. If you live near the sea, you may want to clean them every month, because salt water can corrode the glass in your windows if left untreated.

Make your home more attractive to potential buyers

Clean, sparkling windows make your home look more attractive from the street, and they can make a big impact on potential buyers. If you are trying to sell your home, keep your windows clean and streak-free. One of the simplest ways to make your home look more "polished" is to clean the windows and window dressing. When cleaning the exterior side of the windows, take the time to clean around them, too. Dirty shutters surrounding sparkling clean windows just don't have the same pleasing effect that a completely clean window does.

When you clean the exterior of your home, if you use a pressure washer, avoid spraying the windows. If the pressure is too high, you could damage the windows, and the dripping water will leave streaks. If you are cleaning your home's exterior, go ahead and clean the house, then finish off with the windows immediately after to avoid having watermarks on the glass.

Top tip: When staging your home for potential buyers, clean your windows and open up your curtains to let plenty of sunlight into your home. This brightens up the home and gives a more cheerful appearance, which can have a big impact on potential buyers. It can also make small rooms feel more spacious, and it could help you sell your home sooner.

Tips for easier cleaning

To make window cleaning easier, try these:

  • Use a proper squeegee and sponge applicator. These allow you to clean the windows quickly and efficiently, with fewer streaks.
  • Clean on a cloudy or cool day with little wind. Direct sunlight can cause the water to dry too quickly, resulting in streaky windows. Wind can do the same thing, and blow dust onto wet windows, making them harder to clean.
  • Dry windows with microfiber cloths instead of newspaper or paper towels. They are absorbent and won't leave lint behind. Plus, they can be used again and again if you wash and dry them.
  • Save money on window cleaner by using a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of warm water. The dish soap will cut through the grime on your windows easily, but only use a minimal amount. Too many suds can leave a residue that makes your glass look foggy.
  • If you want to have your home's windows cleaned professionally, but can't afford the full price, ask your home window washing cleaner how much they'll charge for cleaning just the upper windows. These are harder to reach, and more dangerous for you, but they'll be able to get them done for you in no time. You can do the lower windows, saving you money and the risk of trying to clean windows on a ladder.