Budget Decorating With Topsoil: Bring Nature Indoors With These DIY Projects

While the idea may be unconventional at first thought, decorating indoors with the help of topsoil is an awesome way to bring elements of nature from the outdoors into your home. You can expect the end result to be an invigorating and relaxing atmosphere. If you're like most people, you probably haven't thought of using topsoil for anything more than planting herbs and veggies in your garden. The following DIY projects prove that the potential for decorating with topsoil is virtually limitless:

Colorize Your Space

Incorporating color into your design plan is a great way to influence your mood while spending time at home, and tabletops are the perfect place to introduce accents of color that suit your specific needs. There are several ways topsoil can help you create colorful tabletop décor—try one or more of these ideas:

  • Mix ¼ cup of glitter with one cup of topsoil and fill large clear canisters with the soil to use as bookends.
  • Create thick alternating layers of topsoil and brightly colored marbles in a large glass vase to put in the middle of your dining room table.
  • Pack a small decorated tin with topsoil to store pens and pencils upright near the telephone.
  • Fill tiny ceramic planters with topsoil and "plant" homemade flowers made of things like colored paper, doilies, lace, and ribbons to put on end tables.

You can mix the topsoil with a little bit of glue before filling your containers so it sticks together and is less likely to make a huge mess if an accidental spill occurs.

Create Some Artwork        

A fun way to brighten up your walls and bring some nature indoors is to create your own artwork to frame and hang. Start by investing in some poster board, super glue, basic wooden frames, fine tipped markers, acrylic paint, and some stencils of your choosing. Paint the frames using your favorite colors and while they dry, use your stencils to create art on the poster board until you're satisfied with the outcome. Here's where the topsoil comes in:

  • Use super glue and stick topsoil on your artwork to fill in the ground, building, trees, and other naturally dark objects that might show up in each piece. This will lend a lifelike look and feel to your work.
  • Put a light coating of glue along the edges of your frames and dust the frames with topsoil to make them look like they've just been picked from a tree.
  • Use the topsoil to fill in all of the void spaces on each piece of your artwork to create a natural dark background for your designs.

Once your artwork has dried overnight, place each piece in a frame and have fun hanging them on your walls! Your topsoil artwork is sure to be a conversation starter when you're spending time with guests.

Filter the Air with Style

Not only will implementing houseplants into each room add a pop of color and a fresh smell to your home, they'll also help to filter the air so your household can breathe easier and avoid dealing with aggravations such as asthma symptoms, scratchy throats, watery eyes, and even respiratory diseases. Some effective air filtering houseplants to consider implementing into your home include:

  • Weeping fig
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Bamboo palm
  • English ivy
  • Cornstalk Dracaena

Mix some topsoil with small garden rocks about the size of golf balls before filling your pots to add unique dimension and some extra color to your houseplant designs. Topsoil can be used to frame your pots within their saucers to make them look more natural.

These decorating projects can be mixed and matched to create a unique look for your home that tells your personal story and lets your personality shine.