Three Things To Prepare When Replacing A Regular Window With A Bay Window

If you have a window near an open space in your home, you may be interested in turning it into a reading spot. The best reading spots all have a bay window. If you wish to replace the window, you will have to go through a series of steps to make sure that the window will work properly. Here are a three things to also replace when you wish to install a bay window. 

Make sure to reinforce the siding

If you are going to add a bay window, you need to make sure that you reinforce the siding on your window. You need to make sure your window siding can hold up to the weight of the new window. Have your contractor look at the current structure of the window and help you figure out if siding changes are necessary so that you won't deal with issues later. 

Figure out the best window depth

The depth of the window will depend on what your window sill can support and how much room you have in the actual window. Along with your contractor, determine how far out you will allow your window to go. If you want to install a seating area in the window, you will need to push out the window a little bit more. You will also need to go with a window installment that will allow more natural light to come in without producing a flare. If you live in a smaller apartment, you may just wish to push out the window to have a few extra inches to push your desk into. This will provide more walking space and give you a better lifestyle inside of your home. 

Determine how to support a bench

Bench seating is one of the best parts of a bay window. Being able to sit in the bay window seat for early morning coffee or a late night cool down drink will make things enjoyable for you. Determine just what type of bench seat your can afford in your space. You may need to install a bench seat that is bolted to the wall or you may have to have a seat that has feet and is pushed towards the window. Depending on your wall structure and whether or not there are studs or the ability to support weight, you will need to select a bench that is supported in different ways. 

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