Crash Trucks, Crash Attenuators And Crash Tenders: How To Tell These Trucks Apart And Why It's Important

There are several different types of crash trucks for rent. While it may be unusual to buy into a crash truck rental, you may never know when you need something like this. There are crash trucks, crash attenuators, and crash tenders, and it is important to know their differences and tell them apart so you do not reserve the wrong one to rent in the future.

Crash Trucks

Crash trucks are ANY trucks used for emergency purposes. Ergo, the phrase "crash trucks" is a sweeping generalization about all the trucks in this category. In fact, when you want to rent a crash truck, you may experience a drop-down menu tab online or be offered a verbal/paper list of trucks to rent. 

Crash Attenuators

Crash attenuators are devices which you can attach to the back of a truck or other vehicle. They are essentially a giant energy-absorbing cushion that redistributes the power felt from an impact. You can rent these attenuators and attach them to most any kind of commercial vehicle because the majority of attenuators are towable. Some attenuators are even used by airports to help slow planes that are moving too fast and need help to prevent problems during emergency landings.

Crash Tenders

Crash tenders are giant vehicles that look like a cross between an extended Hummer and a water-pump fire truck. They have a double set of all-terrain tires underneath them and a hull that is impervious to the extreme heat of fires. The spigots spray a multi-purpose fire-dousing chemical, which is carried in a reserve tank in the back of this truck. Crash tenders are often rented for fire-training purposes, but they may be rented by anyone who knows how to drive them and has a license to drive them. You would use a crash tender when something major catches fire and the fire department cannot get to the burning object(s) on time.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are required for any land vehicles that are burned beyond recognition or cannot be transported via standard tow truck. A flatbed can be rented for lots of other uses as well, not just crashes. However, you may find these trucks listed under "crash trucks" when you ask about crash truck rentals. If you are looking to rent a flatbed tow truck specifically and you cannot find it under "towing," you can always look under "crash trucks" for it.

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