Planning Your Spring Cleaning? 2 Tips To Make Things A Little Easier

If you are planning your spring cleaning, your list is likely long and you may feel overwhelmed already. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make cleaning your flooring and carpeting, as well as your windows, easier. This will allow you to get through your long list a little faster. Here are some cleaning tips to consider. 

Cleaning Floors

Vacuuming and cleaning flooring surfaces can take some time to complete. This is especially true while spring cleaning because you are likely cleaning the flooring wall to wall and getting all the corners. To make things easier, you should consider purchasing a floor scrubber.

The floor scrubber can clean carpets and hard floor surfaces, such as wood, tile, stone, and laminate. When finished, your flooring will look brand new again no matter how dirty it was. The scrubber has two tanks, one for plain water and one for the cleaning solution. Plug the machine in and use the setting to select the type of flooring you are cleaning. You will then have to choose the right brush for the type of floor.

As you are using this machine, it dispenses the cleaning solution and water quickly and evenly over the floor surface. It uses two agitator brushes to get the dirt and grime off the flooring. The brushes go in opposite directions, which is beneficial for carpeting as this makes it easier to get dirt out of the carpet fibers. All the dirty water is collected in a waste tank that that you can empty out when finished.

The scrubber is easy to push and you only have to make one pass over the surface to get it clean. It also sucks up much of the water as it goes so there is less drying time.

Cleaning Windows

Most people hate to clean windows but it has to be done to ensure your house is completely clean. There is one simple tool that will make this job much easier and quicker: a squeegee. Simply wipe the cleaning solutions you are using over the window and then use the squeegee to remove the water. You will end up with a window that is completely clear of streaks. It only takes one or two wipes, depending on how large the window is, and you are done.

You will not have to worry about carrying a lot of rags around with you, such as one to clean and one to wipe dry. You also have to replace the dry rag often as it easily becomes wet. There are squeegees in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Once you finish with the flooring and windows, you can concentrate on the rest of your list. For more information on scrubbing, contact a company like Armstrong Sweeping Inc/ASI