Indications That Your Well Pump May Need to Be Replaced

The pump that moves the water from your well to your home is one of the most important parts of the water system. If the pump stops working, you will be left with no water flowing into your home. In many wells, the pump is deep in the bottom of the well and not easy to get out. There are some indications that can tell you that the pump is not working, but if you determine it needs to be replaced, you will need to call a well company to come out and retrieve the pump from the well for you.

What To Do When The Water Stops Flowing

If the water stops flowing, the first thing you need to do is to consider all the possible causes. First, on the list, check the breaker in the breaker box to ensure that the pump has power to it. A broken wire or a short circuit somewhere in the wiring could cause the breaker to trip, cutting power to the pump. If the breaker is still on, you may have a bigger problem, and the pump might need to come out of the well.

Sand, Silt, and Pump Failure

There are a few indications of problems down in the well. Sand in the water coming from the faucet is an indication that you have silt and sand infiltrating the well. If you have observed sand in your sink, tub, toilets, or washer, you have a problem in the well. If the water flow suddenly stops after seeing that, the pump may be packed with sand, and it will need to be pulled out of the well for inspection and replacement.

Pressure Tank and Switch Failures

While the pump may not be running, it isn't always the pump that has failed. The pressure switch located on the pressure tank controls when the pump runs to control the flow of water to the tank. If the switch fails, it will keep the pump from running at all. The only way to know if that is where your problem is requires testing of the switch by a qualified technician.

When To Call The Repairman

There is very little you can do to diagnose a problem with your well pump on your own. If you are having a problem with the well or pump, call a well company and get a technician out to check your well system. In most cases, the tech will check everything outside the well before pulling the pump from the well as the process of getting it out is time-consuming and difficult. If the pump has failed, the tech will pull it from the well and determine what is wrong with the pump before replacing it.

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