Garden Like Edward Scissorhands: How To Get Fanciful Shrubs, Bushes And Trees

In 1990, the movie Edward Scissorhands debuted. A fantastical tale bordering on a sort of Frankenstein theme, the movie featured more than just the title character. It featured the character's incredible landscaping skills with bushes, trees, and shrubs. He was able to transform all of these common landscaping adornments into a menagerie or animals and imaginary objects. If you are in love with this concept for your own yard, tree pruning services can help. Here is how.

Hire a Greenery Sculptor

The fantastic sculptures seen in the movie above and in European gardens of royalty are usually done by a greenery sculptor. This is someone who works as an artistic sculptor, but with foliage instead of clay or metal. You can make a special request for what you want your trees, shrubs, and bushes to resemble, but it is often best left up to the sculptor to make the call. If you would like some options, ask the sculptor to give you a couple of different choices for each tree, shrub, and/or bush you have growing in your yard. That way, you can both decide together on what would make a cohesive landscape for every sculpted item.

Request and Hire a Pruning Service That Does Bonsai Trimming

Similar to the trimming and pruning in the movie, bonsai trimming is a Japanese art form that involves cutting, pruning, and trimming vertical-growing greenery into works of art. Bonsai refers to the little trees that the Japanese typically use, but the cutting, pruning and shaping skills are the same. If you cannot hire a greenery sculptor, a bonsai service and the expert that provides it is the next best thing.

Take a Course in Tree Pruning and Greenery Sculpting to Do It Yourself

Of course, you could always try to do greenery sculpting yourself. Before you get gung-ho about it, be sure to take a course on tree pruning so that you understand how much, where, and when to cut back on your greenery without causing it to wither and die. It might be helpful to take a sculpting course too, so that you know and understand elements of design and carving/cutting your "medium." Then you can look at every tree, shrub, and bush in your yard and figure out what you can and cannot prune or cut before you get started. Doing so will help you see the fantastical objects your greenery can become.