Three Must Do Repairs When Listing Your Newly Vacant Rental Apartment

If your long term tenants have not renewed their lease and have left you with a vacant apartment, then it's important to do some repairs before listing it. Even if the place doesn't need any major repairs, such as new drywall or new plumbing, you should not think that you can just empty the place out, take some photos, and list it for renting out. This is especially true if you have had long term tenants.The place will need to be spruced up a bit so that potential renters will be excited to rent a clean, beautiful space. So, here are some must-do repairs.

Re-grout and Fix Bathroom Tile

People never want to see an old looking and dirty bathroom. And there is only so much you can do with grout cleaners and tile cleaners. So, you should spend the time and bring in a contractor to re-grout and fix and cracked tile. The old grout will be chiseled out and replaced with fresh grout. While they are there, they can also re-caulk the tub and shower area. Ideally, you want the entire place to look as new as possible. Needless to say, any cracked or loose tiles should also be removed and new ones need to be installed. If people step into a bathroom and see grimy or loose tiles, they might imagine mold, which is a huge turnoff.

Refinish The Floors

Hardwood floors take a beating after many years. If your tenant didn't use rugs or carpets, then the floors need to be refinished. If the damage is not too bad, then you might be able to deal with just a screening. This is a process where a light sanding is done to the topcoat of poly so that a new, fresh coat can be applied. This will return the glossy look. If, however, the poly wore completely off and the stain underneath was damaged, or if there are other things such as cigarette burns, then you will need a complete sanding. The resulting floors will look brand new, and people love the look of new hardwood floors.

Fresh Coat Of Paint For All Walls

You also need to repaint the walls in the apartment. Don't just look at the walls and decide that they are "ok", because you might not notice the little blemishes that the prospective tenants might. And you need to be careful about getting a can of paint yourself and trying to get it done in an afternoon.

First, if you're not an experienced painter, you will not get great results. You could end up with streaks, uneven coverage, or drip marks on the trip. Second, there are bound to be little spots that need to be patched up. Perhaps the prior tenants tacked up posters, or hooks to hang paintings. These need to be fixed with putty. If you don't apply the putty correctly, then there will be bumps or differences in wall texture. So, make sure you hire a dedicated residential painting company like AAA Action Painting to come in and handle everything.