Worried About A Damp Basement? What To Do

If you are considering using your basement for storage but you aren't ready to finish it or add drywall to the space, there are still some improvements that you want to make before you put valuable items down there. You want to be sure that water, pests, and other basement related issues aren't going to damage your belongings or cause problems. Here are some of the things to have done before you place things in the space, and to help protect the basement:

Waterproof the Concrete

Have a company waterproof the concrete in the basement to stop exterior water drainage from damaging the concrete and causing moisture in the space. This is a thick sealant that can be applied like a coating of paint, and it's going to protect the walls if there is flooding from the inside as well. This is good to have done if you are planning to finish the basement in the future as well. Basement waterproofing is easy and fast to do!

Insulate the Plumbing Pipes

The pipes that carry water around your house under the main level can develop condensation if the pipes are carrying hot water and the pipes are cold. This can cause water to drip in the space, which contributes to the humidity in the air. You can insulate the plumbing pipes to prevent this from happening in your space.

Air Purification Machine

An air purifier will regulate the humidity in the air while keeping the space dry without damaging the concrete. In this case, concrete can be damaged by losing all of its moisture. This means you won't have mold spores floating around the space and spreading throughout the home, and you can read the machine to see if the air in the space is too dry or wet. A dehumidification machine will have a tank that needs to be emptied.

There are a lot of different issues you can have that will cause moisture in your basement, but if you don't go down there every day to check if there are leaks or dampness, these are some of the things you can do to make sure that humidity isn't a problem. You don't want to get stuck with damaged items and a damp and moldy basement because you didn't take the necessary precautions to preserve the basement before you started to store your items down there, and you want to do these things before finishing the space.