Tips To Make Maintenance Easier On Your Home And Landscaping This Year

During the spring, summer, and fall months you have to do a lot of work outside to keep everything running smoothly. This includes maintenance to your gutters and your landscaping. All of this can take a lot of time, but there are things you can do to make things easier for you. Below is some more information about this so you can get started.


When it comes to your home maintenance one thing you should inspect periodically is gutters. They can easily get filled with debris, especially during the fall months when a lot of leaves can get caught in there. If the debris does not run through the gutters, it builds up, which causes water to build up under your roof. All of this can lead to problems, such as water leaking under the fascia and into your attic.

To prevent this from happening you should consider replacing your gutters with seamless gutters with a gutter guard. Seamless gutters allow debris to run smoothly through them. These gutters are also more aesthetic when compared to gutters with seams.

Getting a gutter guard will save you a lot of time in maintenance as you will not have to worry about cleaning out your gutters near as often. You do, however, need to inspect the gutter guards periodically to ensure they stay attached properly.

You should hire a roofing contractor to install new gutters and a gutter guard for you if you do not have experience doing this. While the roofing contractor is there, they can inspect your roof and look for any problems it may have, such as loose, missing, or cracked shingles.


To keep landscaping looking beautiful it takes a lot of work. Part of this work is keeping flowers weeded and watered. If you have a lot of flowers, this can take up a lot of your time. To help with this, only plant drought tolerant flowers this year. You will only have to worry about watering them if you go over a week without rain. Some flowers that work well for this include:

  • Blacked-eyed Susan
  • Coneflower
  • Coreopsis
  • Lantana
  • Periwinkle

Place approximately two to three inches of mulch over your flower gardens to prevent weeds from growing and smothering the weeds that may currently be there. Mulch is beneficial for your flowers in many other ways.

Talk with a roofing contractor or a landscaper like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc if you have any questions about these things.