4 Common Leaky Basement Spots And How To Repair Them

A leaky basement doesn't always mean a complete overhaul of your foundation. Depending on the water damage and where it's coming in from, it could be a fairly quick, cheap, and simple repair that you can do all by yourself. See below for some common leaky basement spots and how you can repair them yourself.

1. Window Leak

If you notice water coming in below your basement window, a fairly cheap repair is adding a window well cover. If this doesn't repair the leak, check to be sure the window itself isn't rotting. You may need to replace the window itself, in addition to the window well cover.

2. Recurring Puddles

If you have any recurring puddles or wetness in the same are inside your basement, check first outside to see if you have any gutter issues. If your downspouts are draining too closely to your foundation, it could be causing the water to seep into your basement. Add downspout extensions, or use drain pipes to help drain the rainwater away from your home. If the downspout isn't the problem, check to be sure you don't have any sagging, clogged, or leaking gutters. Make the necessary repairs to your gutters.

3. Seams Or Cracks

If you see water leaking from cracks or the seams in your foundation wall, you'll need to repair these areas. You'll first need to chisel out the crack at an angle, then clean it up with a stiff bristle brush. Vacuum out the inside of the crack with a shop vacuum, then fill in the cracks using a concrete caulk. Repeat the process for any cracks that have been leaking.

4. Seepage

If you have seepage coming in through your foundation wall, you'll need to use a basement waterproofing paint to seal the walls. First. seal any noticeable cracks using the instructions above, then clean the walls thoroughly with a cleaner such as TSP. Rinse the cleaner off thoroughly, then allow the wall to dry. Next, cut in the waterproofing paint around the perimeter of the walls. Next, use a foam roller to paint the walls with the waterproofing paint. You can find this type of sealer at your local hardware store. Be sure to read the manufacturer's directions to see if there needs to be any further prep work.

If you continue to get water into your basement, it may be time to call a basement waterproofing company. You may need further work done to your home. such as grading your yard so the water drains away from your home or other work that should be left to a professional.