Picking The Right Swimming Pool For Your Backyard

If you're dreaming of installing a pool in your backyard, you'll have to decide if you want one made of concrete, fiberglass, or one lined with vinyl. Each type has its advantages, so it's a matter of fitting one with your budget and expectations. Here are a few tips for helping you decide which type of pool is best for you.

You Want A Custom Pool And Have Time To Wait

If you want a pool customized to fit your lot or if you want special features such as zero entry, islands, or bridges, then concrete is the way to go. There are no limitations when it comes to a concrete pool when it comes to depth, width, or shape. One drawback is that it takes longer to install a concrete pool than it does the other types, so take that into consideration and begin well before the summer swimming season begins.

Another drawback to concrete is that it requires the most maintenance. The surface is rough and porous, so algae grows on it easily. You'll need to keep up with scrubbing the sides and maintaining the chemicals. Also, concrete pools are expensive to install initially and they are the most expensive to maintain over the life of the pool.

You Need A Pool On A Limited Budget

If your budget is small, you can still enjoy a backyard pool if you go with a vinyl liner. These are the least expensive pools to have installed. By choosing a vinyl liner, you can afford a much larger pool and give your family plenty of room to splash around. Vinyl liners are fairly easy to maintain as well since they don't grow algae as easily as concrete. The liners need to be replaced periodically, which could be a big expense when you also factor in the cost of the water.

While the liners are tough, they can be damaged. If you have kids or dogs that love to jump in the pool, it's possible the liner could be damaged and need to be replaced before its scheduled time, which adds to the expense of owning one of these pools.

You Want A Low-Maintenance Pool Installed Fast

If you're not big on pool maintenance, then a fiberglass pool could be the best choice. These pools have a gel coat surface layer that keeps algae under control. Therefore, they need less scrubbing and maintenance. These pools are on the expensive side, but they can be installed quickly. The pools are made in a factory and shipped to your lot ready to go in the ground.

Because they travel over the road, their size is limited. One disadvantage of choosing a fiberglass pool is that you can't customize it. You need to choose one that is already designed. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of styles, and some have popular features such as tanning shelves, so you can probably find a pool you like or are willing to settle for in exchange for low maintenance and quick installation.

If you have more questions, contact a professional pool contractor from companies like Nassau Pools Construction Inc.