3 Ways To Get The Most Detailed Texture When Creating Stamped Concrete

Decorative concrete is a fun way to make your backyard patio look a little more elegant and classy. Stamped concrete takes regular concrete to a whole new level. Here are three ways to make sure that you get the best texture and effect when stamping your concrete:

#1 Start Stamping Early

If you want the best effects, you need to start stamping early. Many people wait too long to start stamping their concrete. You want to get the best effect and avoid using a tamper; you want to start stamping as soon as the concrete can bear your weight without creating oval depressions in the slab. These oval depressions are often called "bird baths", and you want to avoid them as they lead to areas where water pools when the concrete dries.

When you wait too long to start stamping, the concrete gets too set in place. When the concrete is too dry and set in place, you may get the lines from the stamps, but you are not going to get the texture and depth of detail that you want.

#2 Use A Textured Rollers

To ensure that your concrete has the texture that you want, get a textures roller. Roll the textures roller over the concrete before you start to stamp the concrete. Rolling the concrete with a textures roller will ensure that your concrete has even texture across the entire slab. The textured roller will give the concrete more personality, beyond what the stamp has to offer.

#3 Use Texture Shoes

Another great way to add more texture to your concrete is by wearing texture shoes. These texture shoes slip over work boots and use friction to stay in place. They are like putting on a pair of snowshoes over your work boots. Have everyone who is walking on the damp concrete and stamping the concrete wear textured shoes.

Textured shoes will help distribute the weight of the wearer more evenly over the concrete so that they don't leave depressions behind in the concrete when walking on it. Textured shoes will also add additional texture to your concrete, creating a more unique and custom look that has lots of interesting detail and personality to it. With textured shoes, you will not get any tread marks on your concrete, just more interesting textured patterns.

When stamping your concrete, make sure all the stampers have texture shoes, use a textured roller on your concrete before you start stamping, and start stamping as soon as the concrete can bear your weight for the most detailed results.