A Little 411 On Your City's Water Tank

Every city has one, and every city thinks they are an eyesore whether your city's water tank is elevated far above the ground or if it simply sits on a hill and blends in with your surroundings. Water tanks are a very important part of every city. And although they may have been fun to climb on when you were younger, water tanks are more important than you may know of. This article will take a close look at water tanks, how they work, and what they're used for. 

What Are Water Tanks Used for?

Water tanks aren't just used as a way to make your city look more official. In fact, water tanks are used for a lot of purposes but the primary purpose is as storage for things such as fires. By having a large abundance of water ready, having a water tank makes it so your city doesn't have to worry about keeping up with a water supply to put out a fire. 

Are Water Tanks Good for the Environment?

Yes, actually many water tanks are good for the environment. How exactly? Many water tanks are designed to collect rain water ,which is a very renewable way to collect water. Then, rather than firefighters having to use drinking water to put out large fires, they can use rain water instead. If you live in a part of the country that rarely gets rain, then your water tank supply may come from somewhere else rather than rain water. 

Can Water Tanks Be Used for Drinking Water?

If it were a crazy emergency and your whole city was out of the water, then maybe, just maybe they would let people use the water from a water tank to drink out of. However, in most instances, cities are advised not to use their water tanks for drinking water. The water doesn't go through the same filtration process as our normal drinking water, and because it sits in the tank for so long, it can start to absorb more minerals and things that aren't necessarily as clean for you like traditional, purified drinking water. 

Learning a little bit more about your city's water supply and what will happen if there is a large fire is a great way to stay informed. To learn more about your city's water supply and how your water tank works, contact your local county commissioner today. You can also contact professionals like those found at MacKay Bruce Pump & Well Drilling Service Inc.