Take Your Garage From Dreary To Fab In Four Easy Steps

Is going into your garage like visiting a disaster zone, where you're never quite sure where things are hiding? If your garage is a disaster filled with old boxes, sports equipment, stuff that should be recycled, donated, or sold, plus the Christmas decorations, it's time for a garage makeover. Here's four steps to take your garage from a jungle to paradise.

Start By Purging And Organizing

If you're like most people, your garage is a catch-all for all the stuff you don't quite no what to do with. Begin by going through everything and making a garbage pile, keep pile, and a donate or sell pile. Get rid of the garbage first. Then, load up and deliver the donation pile as well as sell your saleable items. Now that you have reduced your pile into something more manageable, decide what you need for storing and organizing your remaining stuff. For many people, plastic storage bins and containers, shelving to store them on, a tool bench or tool box, and wall hangers for rakes and shovels are a mainstay in garage organization.

Give Your Garage Floor An Update

It won't be paradise if you have to look at a dirty garage floor stained with motor oil and who knows what else. Give it a new coat of concrete and garage floor paint. You could also consider hiring a contractor to put in an epoxy floor. Not only will this protect your cement, but since you can choose from a rainbow of glossy colors and designs, it will add bling to the space.

Get A New Garage Door And Screen

No one wants to deal with an old, rickety garage door. A new garage door will reduce your frustration, and it is also a really good investment. A service, like Callahan Door and Window, can help you find the best door.

By adding a screen at the same time, your new garage paradise will be even more enjoyable. Your stuff will be protected from the rain, and you'll be protected from bugs, birds, and bats finding their way in. Don't forget the extra added curb appeal a new garage door and screen will provide to your home.

Carve Out A Niche For Yourself

Now that you have your garage clean, organized, the floor spruced up, and a new door and screen, you can set up your special area. Maybe you want a television and recliner to relax while watching the game. Or, how about a poker table and small bar? Whatever you choose, you'll look forward to visiting the new space instead of afraid of going into the dark dungeon.