Repair And Maintenance Of Your Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are pretty common in businesses, especially retail stores and businesses with public access. The doors are very convenient for people going in and out with carts and packages, but if the doors are not working properly, they can become a headache for the store and people trying to get in or out of it.

Basic Maintenance

Keeping your automatic doors working properly is often just a matter of maintaining them properly. If the maintenance on the door is ignored, the potential for the door to wear and begin to malfunction is much higher.

Lubrication of the door is important and the hinges that support the door, the door opener, and any moving parts should have regular lubrication to keep anything from binding or sticking. Along with lubrication, the door opening mechanism should have regular inspections so that if there is a problem with the door, it can be caught early. 

Hiring a Door Company for Service

Because automatic doors have several different systems that must work in unison to open and close the door, it is often a good idea to contract with a door company to keep the doors working right. The door company will inspect the doors regularly and make repairs as needed, but if there is a problem with the door not working, having a company already under a service contract gives you access to repairs quickly if the door does break down. 

Schedule Service During Slow Times

If you are dealing with service or repairs on your automatic doors and you can schedule the work on them to be during slower traffic times for your business, try and do so. The traffic in and out of the store can make it difficult for the service tech to work on the door and test repairs that they have made to the door. 

If the door company can provide service during hours that your store is not open, the tech will not have to contend with traffic at all and they can get the work done much quicker than if they have to stop even couple of minutes to let someone in or out through the door they are working on. 

Glass Repair

Sometimes the work that your door requires in not mechanical at all. A broken pane of glass in the door needs replacing as quickly as possible and if the company you contract does not work with glass, you will need to hire a commercial glass company to come out and replace the glass panel for you. Be sure the glass company has experience with commercial doors and have the door service company check the door once the glass is in to ensure it is functioning properly.

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