Glass Baluster Deck Railing: FAQs From Prospective Customers

Your deck is an extension of your home, and every element that is added makes a difference in design and functionality. You may come across glass baluster railing in your search for options on how to improve your deck. Here are a few things any homeowner will want to know about this unique railing. 

Are glass baluster railings easy to break?

On the contrary, glass baluster railings are not easy to break. Those railing pieces that are created out of actual glass are usually fabricated with tempered glass that is hard to shatter, much more durable, and much like the glass you may have for your shower doors. Glass railings can also be fabricated out of what looks like glass but is actually plastic or plexiglass. Naturally, these railings are much more resistant to breakage than their glass counterparts. 

What settings do glass railings work best in?

It is really a matter of personal opinion, but the majority of people who pick glass railing for their decks have a view that they do not want to clutter or cover from their deck. A few examples would be: 

  • You have a large open meadow to view from your deck 
  • You have a seaside home and a spectacular view of the ocean from your deck 
  • You have a lot of natural wildlife you like to watch from your deck

Regardless of why it is that you would like to keep your deck railing clear and easy to see through, the end result is a modernistic deck design with a nice open view of your surroundings. 

Can you get tinted glass railings?

If you live in an area where a lot of direct sunlight could cause problems on your wooden deck, you may be interested in finding rails that are tinted. The good thing about these glass baluster railings is you can find them with tinted surfaces or that are made in a different hue other than just crystal clear. You still get to maintain the visibility that this unique railing provides, but you can do so without streaming sunlight bugging you as you relax in your lounge chair on the deck. 

Are glass railings a safe option with children?

If you have children or pets that frequent your deck with you, having the glass railings can actually improve the safety of the implement. Glass railing is created out of panels, which creates a much more solid barrier to surround the deck space.