5 Common Pests To Be Aware Of In The Spring

When the weather warms up, the pests come out. It is helpful to know what type of pests you must be aware of in the spring so that you can protect yourself and your home against pests.

Common Spring Pest #1: Scorpions

If you live in the south, you need to be aware of the threat of scorpions. Scorpions don't tend to come out in the winter because they hibernate. They tend to reappear in the spring when the weather warms up. You need to be careful putting on your shoes in the spring, as they like to hide out in small, dark places.

With scorpions, your best defense is to have a professional pest control specialist come and spray the perimeter of your home.

Common Spring Pest #2: Rats & Mice

Rats and mice tend to come out in the spring as well. Rats and mice usually leave behind visual signs that they were there. They may leave behind tracks where they walk. They may gnaw holes in your home and leave behind droppings. You may even hear them playing in your attic or inside of your walls.

With rats and mice, you need a comprehensive plan to deal with them. You are going to need to bait and trap them. You are also going to need to seal up your home to keep them out.

Common Spring Pest #3: Ants

One of the most significant pests you have to worry about during the spring is ants. Many different types of ants come out in the spring and try to get into your home. With ants, you will need to identify them by color, size, and activity to figure out what type of ants are in your home.

With ants, you can use poison and traps to deal with them. You may also need to spray outside of your home to get rid of the ants.

Common Spring Pest #4: Cockroaches

In some areas, you need to watch out for cockroaches. Cockroaches are common in congested areas as well as in warmer areas. They like to search out food and commonly invade areas such as kitchens.

To get rid of the cockroaches, you are going to need to poison the cockroaches, spray out inside of your home with pesticide, and reapply the pesticide to keep them away.

Common Spring Pest #5: Mosquitos

Mosquitos are defiantly a pest, and they can make your backyard unbearable. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep the mosquitos away. A pest control specialist can use a spray to keep mosquitos away and teach you techniques to keep them away, like keeping your yard short enough.

In the spring, lots of pests make their return, like scorpions, rats and mice, ants, cockroaches, and mosquitos. You can work with a pest control service to keep away whatever springtime pests are bugging you.