Has Your City Finally Approved Backyard Chickens? What Are Your Best Fencing Options?

If you live in a suburban area or within city limits, you may be excited at the thought of finally being able to legally acquire a few backyard hens for egg production and companionship. For those who don't have much backyard room to dedicate to an expansive coop, having a small nesting box and allowing your chickens to roam freely around your property may be the best choice—but investing in solid and predator-proof fencing is key to keeping your new pets safe. [Read More]

Is Your Antique Wood Floor Too Damaged For Restoration?

In an old house, the original wood floor can be the crowning glory of the home. However, older wood floors have often seen years of abuse. When you're tackling a restoration, you might despair that the floors are too damaged to be properly refinished. You might be surprised to learn that even floors that have seen extensive damage can still be refinished by an experiences professional. Here are some common damage scenarios and how you can know if you should sand it and stain it or tear it and trash it. [Read More]

Can Your Flood-Damaged Carpets Be Saved? Tips For Tackling The Problem

If you are like most people, you probably assume that all water damage to carpeting is the same and requires the same treatment. This simply isn't true. The source of the flooding determines the type of water damage your carpet has suffered and the best route for cleaning up the damage. If your carpets have fallen victim to water damage, follow these guidelines for identifying the type of water damage you have and what you need to do about it. [Read More]

Afraid Of Heights? What Are Your Best Gutter Cleaning Options?

If you live in a home with two or more stories and are not a fan of heights, the prospect of climbing onto your roof -- or even a sturdy ladder placed close to your roof -- to clean your gutters may be panic-inducing. However, for homes on wooded lots or even those within blowing distance of deciduous trees, cleaning your gutters at least a couple of times a year is crucial to keeping your gutters (and roof) in top shape and preventing the need for pricey repairs. [Read More]